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Where is the best place to get my car windows tinted in the Sonoma & Marin County area?

July 26, 2008

Why auto tinting in Sonoma & Marin County can help you!

My name is Jeremy Creager; I want to let you know that auto tinting in Sonoma & Marin County , CA is in high demand. There are automotive tint shops all over competing against each other for your business.

Automotive window tinting is going to get bigger and bigger. Everywhere I look there are more cars’ and trucks that need their windows tinted. As the benefits of tinted windows are learned and desired, people want to know what tint shops in Sonoma & Marin County they can go to and have the best experience?

“ATTITUDE makes the difference. We all want positive energy.”

You’ve seen cars with faded purple film even bubbling if it’s really bad, and you know you don’t want that on your vehicle. You want quality!

You’ve seen the damage the sun can do to the interior of cars and you don’t want your upholstery to fade (and if you didn’t know that’s about a minimal of $3000 to re-upholstery most cars). With tinted windows you are blocking up to 99% of the harmful UV rays that the hot sun puts out, which protects the inside of your car.

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