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PERFECT DARKNESS Sonoma CA Window Tinting

June 15, 2008

PERFECT DARKNESS Sonoma CA Window Tinting. My name is Jeremy Creager I’m the owner of Perfect Darkness. I have been window tinting for over seven years now. Our shop is located at 429 Olive St. Unit #K in Santa Rosa, CA 95407. I love what I do. I believe the way you do; anything is the way you do everything so attitude makes the difference.

I have done and I will do lots of articles, web pages and videos of information and content about the benefits of window tinting. But this page will be more about me and who I personally am. And why you would want to come to my shop to get your car or truck tinted by me.

• I hold the frame of intentionally creating win-win situations, meaning I do the best I can for equal energy value exchange. My own personal morals say to me that which is good for another is good for me. And that which is bad for another is bad for me. So I always have the intentions to serve the greater good of all. I am a man of principles. I watch my honor and personal ethics and my emotional guidance system lets me know if I have dropped my ethics and am out of alignment.

As an entrepreneur I am a apprentice of being and a huge advocate of personal growth because I know that the real value I have to offer people comes from within me. So the more value I add to myself, who I truly am, and loving unconditionally all of me, the more value I have to offer you.
I also believe that the universe will supply me the abundance in all that I need, sometimes I don’t like what I need but I do not have a scarcity way of thinking about things like my next tint job or just life in general. Everywhere I go I see automobiles everywhere that need tinted windows. There is a never-ending amount of work out there for me.

So I have been teaching myself how to be a better marketer of window tinting already being a master skilled Window Tinter. I am learning all about attraction marketing mind sets and relationship building by offering immense value over time. Learning how to market is learning how to drive traffic to whatever it is that you are marketing, be it a Perfect Darkness website and or the best window tint shop around.

Now I tend to go with a holistic approach about life in general so I will share as much auto window tint related content as I can with you, and also I will be throwing in of course little bits of my own personality and interests as well, so feel free to ask me anything about auto window tint you like.

I am open to many things. And my intentions in life are to build quality friendships, for me, life is about relationships, and I believe that the quality of relationship we have with ourselves reflects the quality of relationships we build with others. Some say ”What We See In Others Is A Reflection Of Ourselves”.

So in my auto window tint business long-term relationships is how my business will grow exponentially. Meaning you will tell your family and friends about my awesome work, my clean shop, great attitude, and killer online specials. Word-Of-Mouth Is The Biggest Seller.

So of course I will do the best tint job I can and of course I will have a friendly attitude, because it is my intention to. Because I am in business to make money as all business entrepreneurs are. And I want you to come back. I want your friends and family to come back, and I want their friends and their family to come back. And so on and so on.

Jeremy Creager
PERFECT DARKNESS Sonoma CA Window Tinting